"I recently left employment at Satash Community Care. I would like to say that it was one of the nicest companies I had been fortunate to work for. The management were very supportive and i felt that I myself could approach them with anything I needed to. The standard of care is very high, all the residents were treated as individuals and staff always made sure their needs were met. Relationships with families are very important at Satash and I had always seen that for myself when there were visitors to the home or on party days. Training was always available for the staff, I work full-time in other employment and get training there but was always offered more. It was a pleasure to work with lots of lovely staff during my 2 years there."

Mrs. M. Harris, August 2015.

"Its refreshing to have such a person centred service, families who i have recommended for all their services to go and view and to purchase their services through direct payments have always been pleased. Sometimes, for families venturing into future planning for the person they care for i would often recommend Mollands Lane to go and have a look - to see a lovely example of care and support working well. They offer a relaxed atmosphere, all service users/customers/residents seem happy. They have great banter with the staff, their rooms reflect each individual and their lives seem busy and active to reflect the choice and control they have over their day to day lives. Managers always seem willing to be flexible to meet the needs of individuals, they have varied staff team, that reflects age, experience, diversity that brings a variety of knowledge and experiences to those they provide care for. They expect high standards, and accept any feedback good or bad as a way to improve or develop their service and have always maintained good effective communication with families they work with and with professionals, liaising to get what is the best for those they care for."

Emma Winterford, Carers Development Officer, August 2015.

"I have placed a young person in Satash Community Care and am very pleased with the professionalism with which this has been executed. It was not an easy transition for this young person and the whole process has been managed with intuitive, compassionate care not only for the young person but for the mum of her who was very distressed by the whole situation. The young person has quickly settled and has already had one home visit and this went really well. Another colleague has placed another young person within this establishment and is also very pleased with the care, support and provision; including the facilities, surroundings and interaction between everyone. Record keeping is concise and consistent and available on request. The placement go above and beyond their role and willing to support the young person and attend hospital appointments in order to keep up with any medical needs. I would not hesitate advising my findings to other professionals and families.

Gill Windsor, Children and Young People with Disabilities Agency Social Worker, June 2015.

"The facilities that are provided by Satash are outstanding in every way. The relationship between the staff and the Service Users is amazing. This creates a warm, secure and friendly atmosphere. Parents and friends are always made to feel welcome and the atmosphere is that of a happy family.

This is underpinned by a well-constructed format of procedures and detailed records so everyone is informed of what is happening.

There is a wide variety of college courses which the service users attend, according to their interests, also a variety of recreational activities provided. The service users are always involved in planning activities and menus and are encouraged to be as independent as possible.

We feel that Satash is the best place for our son and there is nowhere else He would rather be."

Anne & Jim Beggs. July 2014.

"My daughter aged 28 has been residing with the Satash Community Care Project at 109 Mollands Lane, South Ockendon since July 2007.

I wish to express my appreciation of the work being done by Satash Community Care Project and in particular the Manager, Mrs. Letchmi Loganathan.

My daughter has made remarkable progress since residing at the house in South Ockendon and she regards it as home now. Letchmi Loganathan runs a very professional but caring home and I feel that my daughter is privileged to have a placement there.

My daughter has always been a shy person and not that interested in going out and engaging with other people. However, Letchmi has encouraged my daughter to take part in a variety of activities such as going to the cinema and shows, out for meals, parties and holidays. Letchmi often takes my daughter shopping to buy clothes and she always looks very nice in her outfits. On two occasions, at Open Days at the home, my daughter gave a welcome speech to the guests and it was wonderful to witness the change in her. She has become a confident young lady and it is thanks to Letchmi in particular and also the staff at Satash that she has progressed so well.

My daughter spends a few days with Mum over the Christmas period and other times, and even though she is pleased to be home she is often in two minds about staying an extra day or two or going back to South Ockendon. As one of the staff at Satash remarked, it is because she is happy at both places and I think that is so true.

As well as the loving care and attention shown to my daughter, I am also appreciative of the support Letchmi gives to the rest of the family. She is very approachable and is always available for a chat if there are any questions or concerns regarding my daughter. I regularly visit Mollands Lane and am always made to feel very welcome. Letchmi has an open, friendly manner and has managed to balance discipline with good humour and genuine care for the service users at the home. Even when Letchmi is away from the home she always has the interest of her clients close to her heart and regards them as extended family. It is very reassuring for me to know that my daughter is living in an environment where not only her physical but also her emotional needs are met A big thank you to Letchmi Loganathan and her team!"

Yvonne Lusher. July 2014

“The extraordinary lengths you, Logan and all your team make to enhance the lives of all those in your care is exemplary. Our son could not be in a better place. What a wonderful afternoon. Again! Your, and the whole staff’s, commitment to excellence shines out in the events you organise. It is always a joy and never a duty to attend and we are ever amazed at how you continue to “do it” in these difficult days of financial restraint.

Please convey our thanks to everyone involved – our visits are always uplifting and we look forward to seeing you again later in the year.”

Fef Griffin. July, 2014.

"Our Brother has lives at Satash and we as his family have never looked back . It being the perfect placement for him, meeting all of his complex needs. His excellent quality of life and his wellbeing is as a result of the level of care, understanding and stability provided by all at Satash.

The dynamics and combination of the residents and staff works so well. Regardless of all their different personalities, backgrounds and needs they all consider each other as friends. They have respect and a mutual understanding of one another fostered by the managers, which is, in turn reflected in the attitude and interaction of the staff. All service users are included in activities where they actively encourage one another, and are genuinely pleased for each others' achievements. It has always been evident of the importance placed on the residents having the same chances and experiences that are on offer to everyone else, and in doing so they have an active role in the wider community.

Satash is one big happy family, into which we, as extended family feel included and are always met with a warm and friendly welcome!"

Deb Foster. June 2014.

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